School Based Mentor Training

SBM Course Two Module 1

Congratulations on continuing your learning journey! Please find the resources for this module listed below. 

You can access the resources for the training by clicking directly on the video when prompted. The resources are also listed directly below.

Resources Used in this Module

Teacher Core Beliefs.pdf

Teacher Core Beliefs Document

Teacher Core Beliefs Learn More.mp4

Click the video to learn more about Teacher Core Beliefs

Vision Course 2


Vision Worksheet Course 2 Module 1

Reflection on your vision


CRSE Framework Document

CRSE Learn More.mp4

Click the video to learn more about CRSE

Mentor Posting.docx
Roles and Responsibilities of SBM 2019-20.docx (1).pdf
Mentor Certification Overview.pdf
Logging Interactions in MTS (1).pdf

Mentor Tracking System Refresher Document

MTS Learn More Final.mp4

Click to see a video on using MTS

Trust Builder Trust Buster Handout.pdf

Building Trust

Elements of Relational Trust.pdf

Elements of Relational Trust

Building Trust and Confidentiality Learn More.mp4


Copy of Collaborative Conference Guide.docx

Collaborative Conference Guide (CCG)

CCG Learn More.mp4

Video on using the collaborative conference guide


Instructive-Collaborative-Facilitative Framework (ICF)

ICF Framework Learn More.mp4


Phases of First Year teaching.pdf

Phases of First Year Teachers

Phases of New Teachers Learn More.mp4

Video on Phases

Energy-Check-In (1).pdf
Principal's Guide for Confidentiality.docx

Confidentitality Guide

Copy of Blank Seating Chart (1).pdf

Classroom Seating Chart

Classroom Seating Chart in Rows.pdf

Using the chart for formative assessment

Classroom Seating Chart Learn More.mp4


Copy of Low Inference Transcript.docx.pdf

Low Inference Transcript

Low Inference Transcript Tool Learn More.mp4


Coaching cycle NTC.pdf

Coaching Cycle

Coaching Cyle Learn More.mp4


Packet Page_Mentoring Conversation Students Protocol (1) (1) (1).pdf

Knowing Students Protocol 

CCG with logo_Knowing Students blank

CCG for Knowing Students Protocol

Knowing Students Learn More.mp4


Aguilar_2018_Mind the Gap- The Key to Working with Adult Learners.pdf
_Cognitive Coaching p 90-95 (1).pdf

Cognitive Coaching

Cognitive Coaching Learn More.mp4

Video of Cognitive Coaching 

Social-Identity-Wheel with categories (2).pdf

Social Identity Wheel

Social Identity Wheel Learn More.mp4

Video on Social Identity Wheel

The Cycle of Socialization by Bobbie Harro (1).pdf

Cycle of Socialization Reading

Cycle-of-Socialization-color-big (1) (1).pdf

Cycle of Socialization

Blank Cycle of Socialization

Blank Cycle of Socialization

Cycle of Socialization Learn More.mp4

Video Freire on Education that Liberates (2) (1).pdf

Paulo Friere Reading 

Education that liberates

Liberatory Practice Learn More.mp4


Courageous Conversations Four Agreements Reading.pdf

Courageous Conversations Reading

Courageous Converstons about Race Protocol with Compass.pdf

Compass and Conditions

Courageous Conversations, Conditons and Compass Learn More.mp4


Archaeology of Self Shovel.pdf


 of the Self

Mentor & Sealey-Ruiz_2021_Doing the Deep Work of Antiracist Pedagogy_ Toward Self-Excavation for Equitable Classroom Teaching.pdf

Reading on Self-Excavation

Racial Literacy Learn More.mp4