School Based Mentor Training

SBM Course One Module 1

Congratulations on becoming a mentor! The New Teacher Mentoring Team offers training that will support you in understanding the basic role and responsibilities of being a mentor. Below is the first of nine (9) modules (scroll below to see an overview of the course) that are designed to provide robust support and build your tool kit as a mentor! As you learn, you will also find a community of support where you can learn and network!! Welcome!!

You can access the resources for the training in a few ways:

  1. Clicking directly on the video when prompted to open the resource in a separate window

  2. Open the fillable PDF (containing all the resources) which you can use to just view as well as download and print : Module 1 Resource Packet

  3. Or, you can open individual resources Google-based documents which you can use to just view as well as download and print.

Mentor Course Overview

Mentor Course Overview Learn More

Link to a complete PDF you can fill, download and print of all the Module 1 resources:

Module 1 Resource Packet

New Teacher Mentoring Vision.pdf
Trust Builder Trust Buster Handout.pdf
Adult Learning Principles.pdf

Adult Learning Principles

Logging Interactions in MTS.pdf

Logging interactions using the Mentor Tracking System

Roles and Responsibilities of SBM 2018-19 (1) (1).pdf