Resources for Mentors


After being matched by an administrator, the NY State guidelines recommend that the mentor and mentee meet at least two (2) periods a week. A minimum of 40 hours and 10 months of mentoring is required. Mentoring interactions are recorded in the Mentor Tracking System (MTS)

What is the role and responsibility of a mentor?

Who needs mentoring?

Mentor Tracking System (MTS) - The website where you document mentoring

How do I begin documenting my mentoring interactions?

What professional development is available to support me as a NYCDOE Mentor?

Who can support me as a mentor?


Danielson Framework Handout - Handy one-page version for easy reference 

Sphere of Influence - This tool supports you in maximizing your effort and impact

Asset Based Mentoring - This tool helps you connect with reluctant mentees

The Butterfly Story - When too much help can hurt a new teacher

Sora Library: (copy and paste the URL below into a new browser tab)


Self-Care for Mentors and Mentees

Energy Check-in - Reflection on where you are investing your time and energy

Boxed Breathing.mp3

Audio -- box or square breathing exercise